The Difference Between “True Like” and “True Love”

I love getting questions from readers.

Todays question is; What is the difference between “true like” and “true love”.


Putting the true in front of it is a whole other question. So let’s start with the difference between like and love.

People often think of love as romantic, and there should be criteria for love but… this is not always the case.

You can feel love for someone or something instantly and I am not talking about infatuation, I am talking about having an open heart and feeling and connecting to another human being or even a tree or cloud. All things are emanating vibration and energy and by connecting to it/them, and feeling it, and sending your own love out to it, and feeling their energy and receiving it… this is the exchange of love.

Described like this, it is possible to love everything and everyone. And, I suggests trying it out just for fun and feeling how this feels.

Like, on the other hand, is similar in that you can feel good vibes from someone or something and you like them, you feel an affinity to it or him or her. So yes, you can like someone instantly too, and you do all the time right?

I remember my dad would always say, “Just because I love that person, does not mean I like what they are doing.”

This has always stuck with me, especially regarding relationships. I love past partners dearly and always will, but, I do not like the things they do and just because I love them, does not mean we need to be together. 

Love has nothing to do with being in a romantic relationship or partnership. The first criteria does not guarantee the last.

When you put true in front of love or like, this is no different than not having true in front of it. Truth is an arbitrary thing that is only yours, and it can change, contrary to popular opinion.

When people talk about love they often put true in front of it, true love, to imply that it is deeper than another love. But, love is love. There is no unconditional love, or true love, there is only love.

So, when it comes down to it, you can put true in front of love or like, but, that only means what you want it to mean.

If you take the word away, and feel into yourself, and trust yourself, you will see that all like is true, and it might change, and that is okay. And, all love is true, even if it changes.

From my point of view, for love to be true… it needs to be honest, meaning you are really connecting with this person because you want to connect and give and receive without expectation or wanting from them, if there are other motives involved and you only love them when they can give you something, like safety, or love, or feeling wanted. Then this is not really in alignment, it’s probably love with a whole lot of programing on top of it obscuring the ‘truth’ of what love really is.

So true love; loving purely for the sake of connecting to another, feeling their love, and sending your love out to them, with no thought or expectation of what follows.

True like; really liking someone or something and being honest about your feelings.

Please let me know if this was helpful or not. And… thank you for the question. I always appreciate them and keep them coming. 

love love love