BALANCING POLARITY IN RELATIONSHIPS – Masculine vs Feminine Energy | LoveExpanded 137

BALANCING POLARITY IN RELATIONSHIPS – Masculine vs Feminine Energy | LoveExpanded 137

Let’s get first things straight – masculine and feminine energy have nothing to do with gender!! But it has everything to do with balancing polarity in relationships.

Cultivating both of these energies within you, gaining maturity in both energies, allows you to play with a full toolset of both the creative (feminine) and the implementation (masculine) enriches and builds a successful life.

It allows you to draw on the strengths of both, being firm but flexible, being logical and confident, but open and reciptice to new ideas. The play between these two forces in your life is constant from the moment you wake up to the time you go to sleep again. Being aware of how each influences you allows power to gain influence over yourself and understanding of your partner. You become the badass you know you are. And your relationship dynamics start to shift.

The video sums it up.

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If you desire to learn more about the masculine and feminine energies within you I have worked extensively the last 10 years both personally and with clients to understand and utilize/integrate this concept into their lives, I cannot begin to explain the difference even the awareness of this makes, let alone the implementation. 

Love, love, love


The Defining Moment

I was pondering today as I often do, and started thinking of the creation process. This is what I came up with.
YOU become the magician of your life, seemingly making something out of nothing.


You realize everything is just energy, and through molding that energy you become the craftsmen of your destiny, creator of your everything.

You do this everyday and with everything. The more aware you become of your power in the process the more you step into the drivers seat and start steering the car of your own life.

Just a little food for thought.

Love love love


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Romance is a Verb… what this really means!

Before you get scared off by this word maybe it’s time to see what it actually means.

The word romance comes from medieval times where stories were narrated to the king.

It was a medieval tale based on legend, chivalric love and adventure, usually involving some mystery or the supernatural.

Wow!! Wouldn’t it be nice if your relationships and how you showed your love was more like a romantic adventure, filled with mystery, suspense, and a hint of the supernatural? Im game for that!!
I think the disconnect comes with the chivalric part. In the past woman did not want a man to be chivalrous. The independent, woman of the feminist era wanted to show she did not need a man and wanted to be treated equal to him. In doing that she trained the man to not show or demonstrate his affection through his natural manly, tender, protective gifts. The man stopped opening the doors for his woman, he stopped standing up for her in public as now she wanted to do that for herself. What really happened was the outward display of affection and adoration was lost on her with her own attempts  to prove herself to the world.


Luckily, woman have now grown out of that phase, now seeing their equality and cherishing their differences to men.


They have already proved they can do most everything a man can, but DO THEY WANT TO? Hell no!! Woman like being woman, and they also love their men showing his love and affection outward romantic ways.

Romance is simple and it can change your entire relationship in only a few days!!


So what is it, and how do we do it? Its simply the outward expression of love for your woman. Yes, outward demonstration, its a verb and something we do!!


I can guarantee you by adding these little things into your relationship you change the everyday grind into a spontaneous adventure, mystery is created and love is put on steroids!!


There are really two main forms of romancing!! The little everyday things, and the grand gestures. The every day things include little touches here and there when you are in the car or talking to each other, touch her arm, the back of her neck, look into her eyes. Tell her sweet words, be playful and sincere. Little acts of service, go out of your way to do things you know she likes, they don’t have to be big, just meaningful.


Then the bigger acts, these are what most men see as romance and frankly, they dont like to do it. They think they have to spend a lot of money and do all this fancy stuff that means nothing to them.


Your woman does not care what you do, you hit the home run by just going out of your way and doing something!! The fact that you even took the time to think of something fun to do, and then actually did it, makes you win the game before you even start.


Woman like the idea that you were actually thinking about them enough to want to do something special for them and then actually do it. Woman love romance because it makes them feel loved and cared for.


Woman are simple, the more loved and cared for they feel, the happier they are which means the happier you are. Its a win win!!


The nice part is the more romance you add to the relationship the more she will also start romancing you!! Thats where the fun begins!! Now you are in for an adventurous, spontaneous ride!!


Happy romancing,

love love love


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