WHAT IS REAL LOVE & HOW TO GET IT? – LoveExpanded Challenge Day 136


Ever wondered what real love is in the depths of loneliness, despair, or an argument with someone you are “supposed” to love but feel the furthest thing from love at that moment. 

Well, I asked ‘you’ what real love is and these are the answers you gave me. Yes, they are shortened but you get the gist. The complete list is mostly on this thread so check it out to get the essence of what each of you shared. I am honored to be on this planet with all you LOVERS loving boldly and courageously even when it’s hard.

And although real love may be ice-cream and bacon on some days, other days it’s a lot deeper.

After 10 years of studying love, living from love as best I can each day (yes there are ups and downs and some days that look far more “loving” and “expanded” than others) I continue to be awed by the power love has in all its many forms and expressions.

Please share what real love is to you.

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Love, love, love