BALANCING POLARITY IN RELATIONSHIPS – Masculine vs Feminine Energy | LoveExpanded 137

BALANCING POLARITY IN RELATIONSHIPS – Masculine vs Feminine Energy | LoveExpanded 137

Let’s get first things straight – masculine and feminine energy have nothing to do with gender!! But it has everything to do with balancing polarity in relationships.

Cultivating both of these energies within you, gaining maturity in both energies, allows you to play with a full toolset of both the creative (feminine) and the implementation (masculine) enriches and builds a successful life.

It allows you to draw on the strengths of both, being firm but flexible, being logical and confident, but open and reciptice to new ideas. The play between these two forces in your life is constant from the moment you wake up to the time you go to sleep again. Being aware of how each influences you allows power to gain influence over yourself and understanding of your partner. You become the badass you know you are. And your relationship dynamics start to shift.

The video sums it up.

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If you desire to learn more about the masculine and feminine energies within you I have worked extensively the last 10 years both personally and with clients to understand and utilize/integrate this concept into their lives, I cannot begin to explain the difference even the awareness of this makes, let alone the implementation. 

Love, love, love


Mastering the Art of Loving Her Moods

Moods, you know them well, and a good man knows how to navigate them. You may not understand them but you don’t have to. 

To you, she never knows what she wants, one minute you are her hero and another she hates you. Her crying and emotions are sometimes just too much for you. She is often closed down, rigid, moody. She yells and screams and does not show the respect you deserve. She is nagging and degrading, and sometimes it feels like she wants to chop your balls right off.

Don’t let this scare you. She is just testing you and she does not even know it. You are just seeing her strength manifest in a different way. This is your opportunity to shine.

Woman are simple, they want the space to show their emotions, and then they want a good, strong, man to love them anyway, and love them through that emotion.

They don’t need to be fixed, they don’t need your help or sound advice. All they want is your love, your support and possibly a firm embrace.

YOU have the power to change your woman. By loving her through her moods you navigate to the promised land. This action brings deep devotion, deep connection and deep trust. She knows she can count on you.

You have the power to transform her in the midst of her moods. You have the strength to calm the storm.

You can know what she wants when she does not even know what she wants!!

Love and relationship can be easy and adventurous. In fact, they should be!!

When she flows like the tides and you harness your true authentic masculine power, the world of possibilities opens up to both of you, and not only will your woman open to you, so will a sea of endless opportunity in all areas of your life.

Love Love Love


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Endowing Masculine

“The man is the solid ground on which the wave does her dance, including the ocean bottom and the coast in which she can rage upon without affecting his true solid nature” Jeffree F. Hawk


The divine masculine is the solid wall a woman seeks to lean upon. He is the rock, the foundation. He gives his gift of presence and consciousness, penetrating his world and his woman with this divine presence and love.

The endowing masculine, what is this exactly? The word endowing means to give, and in this case it means to give the gift of yourself. The masculine essence gives and the feminine receives. Each of us has both masculine and feminine essences in us but we are most likely predominantly masculine or feminine. As a man, your are the giver, the penetrator, that strong force she seeks to lean upon. As she feels your loving support then can she only truly surrender into the feminine gift she is and entrust all that she is to you. She opens up in an envelope of love, receiving what you offer, and holds it dear.

The masculine is bold and courageous, he is a seeker of freedom and adventure. His main focus is his purpose and mission, and how he can accomplish this.

Until a man feels secure in his powers as a man, until he feels like he has conquered his world, or is at least on the path to conquering his world, he cannot truly give his woman his full attention and focus. He will always be somewhere else, focused on what he feels is most important to him in life.

His mission and purpose are what drives him.

This does not mean he does not love his woman, on the contrary. This is precisely how he loves his woman; he gives her the world.

Love Love Love

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