Not seeing or knowing your path or purpose is almost more powerful than seeing it.

Not seeing or knowing your path or purpose is almost more powerful than seeing it clearly. 

In this place you cannot live from past projection of an expected outcome because there is non, all you can do is move forward in the truth of each moment. 

Yes, it’s scary, but it’s pure. 

If you took this same approach to relationship and how you lived them, they would be pure too. 

Not muddled with preconceived notions or expectations of how you want things to be. Instead you would appreciate how in each moment things unfold adjusting your actions accordingly to get the outcome you desire.

 From this place one can only act from complete presence. Yes, it takes more energy, focus, and attention… but this also brings more appreciation for what you have. 

So, if you are on your path to finding your purpose, hold on tight and let go all at the same time. 

Sometimes visions come all at once flooding you with knowing and laced with the appropriate actions to take to get to this visions fruition. And other times you are lead day by day. 

Knowing your path and purpose are not prerequisites to moving, taking action, and doing in the direction of your soul.

You might feel a pull deep within you to move in a particular direction, but this is all it is, a silent yet forceful pull leading you in each moment. 

Follow the pull.

Trust the darkness and step into the light more and more with each step as what you are doing and how you are doing it unfolds before you in the magnificent tapestry of actions, choices, and event that follow. 

Hold on tight cause it’s a wild ride. 

Love, love, love, 


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