How To Open Yourself Up To Receive What You Deserve – LoveExpanded Challenge Day 5

How To Open Yourself Up To Receive What You Deserve – LoveExpanded Challenge Day 5.

Are you shutting out the very things you desire most? Are you energetically pushing away the love, the money, the things, the attention, and the affection you really know you deserve and you really do desire?

If you answered yes, you are not alone. You are probably doing it without even knowing it, and if you are, don’t fret, there is a way out.


As with most things, being aware of the issue is the first step, even though it also turns out to be the hardest at times. How to open yourself up to receive what you deserve does not have to be tricky, but it will take effort if you do this unconsciously (which most of us do).

When I say effort, I mean intention and awareness, what I am really saying is you got to want this and align your actions and energy with what you want.

For instance, if you want more likeminded friends but never leave the house, make negative jokes around new people say you don’t like people or keep to yourself when you do go out, what do you think your energy is saying? Energy speaks far louder than words. In fact, energy is a fog horn blaring out the truth and no matter what you say, if your energy is emitting the opposite, you are f*cked. And not in the good way, sorry.

Opening your energy is aligning your actions to your desire, but, its a bit more subtle than this too. Actions can open your energy. Declarations can too. But what I have found to be the best solution is addressing the thing that closed you down in the first place?

Why did you shut down? It is just something that happened over time? Did you have a negative experience? Where you hurt why someone or a situation that closed you?

Or is it the mother load of all things shut down… YOU DO NOT FEEL LIKE YOU DESERVE THE GOOD THINGS IN LIFE!!

DING, DING… if you picked this last reason you are at the right place at the right time!! And please be kind to yourself, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!

I guarantee underneath all energetic barriers blocking what you, me, or anyone truly desires is this feeling of not deserving it, not measuring up, and not being good enough to receive it. I don’t care if you are blocking money, love, sex, things, or people, this little/huge thing is usually to blame.

But, instead of blaming (which is such a “last years” way to relate)let’ss upgrade a bit and come at it from a conscious love place and deal with it already.


Addressing the ‘not enoughness’ is what has to happen. Clearing this shit out, because that’s exactly what it is, shit. WELL, MORE PRECISELY IT’S AN OLD PROGRAM. By upgrading the voice in your head, clearing away the negative experience validating this belief as truth, and then filling this area with divine love and lightening up, you are on your way to allowing what you desire in.

I use Quantum Emotional Clearing (QEC). It’s a tapping technique that reroutes neuropathways, energetically lightens you up, and satisfies that voice in your head all that the same time. If I lived in Salem I’d be burned at the stake cause this seems like magic, but, its science instead. It’s powerful, effective and lasting.

There are other techniques out there too so find what works for you. But for your own sake, find something, and start allowing and letting in all that goodness you more than deserve.

Life is to be enjoyed, life it to be full and happy. There is enough negativity that will naturally happen to balance things out, but let’s take action and have a clear intention to bring more goodness in.

If this article was beneficial you might enjoy the complete LoveExpanded Series on YouTube. And if you are ready to let go of your old programs and upgrade, book a time to chat to see if I can assist you. 

Love, love, love