How to Get Over Guilt And Shame – LoveExpanded Challenge Day 4

How to get over guilt and shame – LoveExpanded Challenge Day 4 deals with something not unique to me, but something humanity deals with. Guilt and shame like to lurk under the surface no matter who you are.

The first thing I’d like to address is the illusion of having a perfect looking life. I call bullshit. At some point no matter how things look, shits going down under the surface.  Bringing it to the surface does not make you wrong or weak – and don’t allow anyone to make you feel that way. Talking about how you feel is healthy. Bringing the sneaky little lies up to the light is not only healthy but necessary to lower the power these energies have over you. When you don’t talk about it you feel alone, but when you are able to acknowledge it, even just to yourself in the light of day, you can start to see guilt and shame as the dirty little liars they are because 90% of all the guilt and shame you are carrying around is a lie.

Addressing and acknowledging feelings, underlying driving forces, and emotions is the first step to clearing them up, this is a powerful tool.

I am learning so much already and this is only day 4.

The big take away. Just by acknowledging these insecurities and thoughts in my heard to myself makes them dissolve and it makes me feel so much better, I hope the same can happen for you by coming along on this journey and Expanding Your Love Too.

If you are struggling with guilt and shame and you feel its keeping you stuck – drop me a message and I’d love to share my tools with you. Schedule a free chat to see if we’re a good fit. 

If this message assisted you in any way please share it with someone you feel might need to hear this. Follow the whole series on YouTube.

Love, love, love