How To Be A Master Of Love – LoveExpanded Challenge Day 2

How to be a master of love? I have asked this question for 10 years now and have been studying, interviewing, researching and living from love as much as possible. My goal this year was to expand my love, and even though I focused on it this challenge makes it REAL yo! This is day 2 of the love expanded challenge, also called the LoveExpanded challenge or love expanded for short.

As a love consultant and coach, self-love is very important to me. Loving yourself and knowing how to love yourself is the cornerstone to any successful relationship.  A relationship takes more than just love to work, although love is one of the key components, respect, acceptance and many other factors make a good relationship. Before you can have respect and acceptance for another you have to have love, self-acceptance, and self-respect for yourself.

You and I are both lovers at heart, all humans are. It is all the other “stuff” piled on top of it that hides this. Life experience can also get in the way. How you received love as a child or the lack of love you received as a child all plays into how you love now. Sometimes how you love now is not healthy because of this conditioning and modeling. How you love is not your fault at the start, but how you love now is in your control.

You have control to change the way you love. You have control to change the way you give it, what you allow, what you accept and how you reciprocate. Yes, at the core you are love, but how you display it is practiced.

If you know this is an area you can work on, you are in the right place… welcome fellow lover!! This site, this challenge, and this work is all for you to guide you to be the lover you already are at your core. Love, love, love, you. The member site will be up and running soon for exclusive content and a new course to do just this.

The LoveExpanded Membership Site is in construction and will be up early Spring 2019, join our list to get updates.

(Side note)  This challenge is expanding not only my love, buy myself too. My resistance to making video has been strong and this project is a way to discover how to get over the fear of making video and how to find my voice.

What are you afraid of?

I challenge you to take on your fears too and overcome them by diving in and doing them. Action dissolves fear.

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Here is a link to the first post in the series called How To Love Myself Again.

Love, love, love