Feel More Safe With Better Boundaries…

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“Until you feel safe within, nothing outside will feel safe and secure. He or she might promise you the world, and even deliver, but you will still feel insecure and want more, their offerings never being enough.

Can you relate?

Safety is your foundation. It’s the core — from here everything else is built. Only when you have this within can you feel it from others.

Safety and love go together. You tend to seek safety from love, or more like your lover. But this only holds true when applied to YOU. You feel safe when you love yourself and create good boundaries, and you do that by loving yourself.

The more you LOVE YOURSELF, the easier it is to create safety within you. The more love there is, the more safety there is.

How do you get this safety from within if someone on the outside cannot provide it to you?

Let’s first establish where safety is NOT found:

Safety is not found in gripping to what you know, or the past.

Safety is not found in… Continue Reading

Love love love


3 Powerful Steps to Forgive the Past, and Create The Relationships You Desire.

When you hold onto the past, it is difficult to create a new reality or get different results.

This relates to relationships as well as to anything.

All this talk of creating the life you desire. This is different from attracting the life you desire, something you hear thrown around a lot. Let me clarify,  creating is you being active and taking action, this is where the real result come.

But, until your energy field is clear of the old, you will be attracting what you do not want, making it difficult to create and bring in what you do want.
What does forgiveness have to do with creating the relationship you desire?

It turns out you really do create the world around you by the vibrations and energies you emit and send out all day long. To create a different experience it is said, you have to ‘be’ different, but how do you do this?

I had a first hand experience with this, where my past was impacting my present without me even knowing it.

Let me share what I found.

First, it’s important to realize there are no secrets.

No matter how hard you try to hide, withhold, and keep down, you are a transparent being and people can SEE you NO MATTER WHAT.

They see your demons, feel them, and know they are there, even if you deny them. You carry contempt for a past lover, new lovers feel it, and it does not bide well for your new potential partnership

The more aware your crowd becomes, the more the issue of hiding just becomes laughable. People ‘feel’ what’s going on even if they don’t know ‘exactly’ what they are feeling, but they will respond accordingly.

Even the most unconscious person still see’s, unless they are choosing not to.

I’ve been through some ‘stuff’ like most people, and some of it’s not too rosy. There was some abuse in my life that I kinda just swept under the rug, not just a one time thing, but things sprinkled throughout my life. I don’t think I even really acknowledged how bad it was or how much it impacted my life, I had the rose colored glasses syndrome, or just the denial syndrome ;).

I essentially was hiding it, even from me, but it was not hidden at all. I was still vibrating it, it was still in my energy field and aside from attracting other situations into my life that hurt me also, others could consciously detect this too.

Having it still linger was influencing my NOW experience.

About a year ago I fell ill and knew it was time for an upgrade. Within two weeks, two messengers came to me, a close friend and an acquaintance, both with the same message.

Both could see and feel this abuse around me I was denying or wanted no one to know about. But they saw is, clear as day. And they could also see how me denying it was hurting me.

This was a good lesson, and opened the space for me to acknowledge, heal, clear, and move forward.

The first step, be upfront and transparent from the beginning, this means with YOU FIRST.

Second, forgiveness, and this means forgetting too.

Yes, forgiveness. And no, this is not church. But all those religions have it right because this is a universal truth. Forgiveness has a power greater than most even comprehend.

I attended an Energy Conference in Bermuda and the science of it. Dr Vitaliy, a Russian scientist has been studying energy for almost 3 decades and as he was explaining the energy fields around the body, and demonstrating on someone from the audience, he first tested and showed all the imbalances in the man’s field, then, to my surprise, as he was showing us how to bring the man back into balance, before he did anything, he asked the man to first ask himself for forgiveness. Now remember, Dr Vitaliy is a scientist, so this really surprised me!

The man did it, the Dr. tested again and suddenly just like that, the man was all balanced, nothing more needed to be done.

Miracle? Maybe, or this is just natural law at work. Forgiveness is powerful.

After identifying, forgive yourself and those who might have harmed you.

It’s in the forgiving that the magic happens, and all the shmoots can be released, just like that, instantly.

Forgiveness is as simple as telling yourself, “I forgive you.” It is important to forgive those who harmed you too.

Third, to forgive, you have to forget about the wrong. I know you have heard this before, but how do you do it?

Without forgetting the energy is still trapped, and will come back to haunt you, so to speak.

In my own process of forgiveness my mentor and friend explaining forgiveness is not complete or does not work without forgetting the wrong done.

Forgetting means not talking about it anymore, not thinking about it anymore and replacing the past negative thoughts and stories, with positive thoughts around the same person that hurt you.

When you think of that time in your life, or that person, you reprogram yourself to have good memories that bring good feelings.

By doing so you lighten up, and change the vibration around you clearing your energetic imprint of what happened.

This way you start to vibrate and radiate the good feelings instead of the hurt and wound. You clear the space for new to come in.

You clear the space to let in a fresh new love that is more supportive and loving. (This is not only effective for past lovers, but for anyone who harmed you.)

I know that sometimes you might have to dig hard to find something good, but there always is something.

Forth, the power of the word.

You create with your words. You can believe this or not, it’s still true. Gravity is going to pull down despite your belief, this concept works the same way.

Start speaking what you desire.

Only speak in terms of what you want. Stop speaking about all the sh*t that happened in the past, let go of those stories and start telling stories that describe the life and experiences you desire now.

You might contest and say this is not true, but, the more you speak it, the more it will be true.

Forgiveness means forgetting what happened. This means changing the story, let go of the old story, stop talking about what you don’t want, and start talking about what to do want.

Start speaking about your relationships in terms of what you desire most now, like it’s already happened, like you already have it.

To demonstrate just how powerful your stories are, and the energy they carry, let me tell you a brief story, no pun intended. 😉

I was on a field trip with the kids, the weekly ice-skating outing in the winter. I am still a beginner, but after about 30 min I had gotten my feet under me, and I was feeling and skating pretty well.

I started speaking about an incident in my marriage around why I stopped liking skiing with another mother. I recounted a traumatic incident and as I did so I instantly noticed my feelings change, my body became tense, a thickness developed in my thought and sternum, and to my surprise, I also noticed my skating changed dramatically for the worse.

I started skating again like I had 30 min earlier. The negative emotion brought forward by the story had not only effected how I felt in my body but my outward experience and performance too. I felt like I was going to fall down, that is how much it impacted me.

I stopped talking immediately after realizing this and started focusing on more positive things, and realized in that moment just how powerful that story was, and I decided I no longer needed that story. I no longer needed to feel so low, so overcome, and so bad.

I chose to feel good and light and limitless instead. I chose to release all those stories and recreate my memories. I was the one who created them in the first place, why not create one’s that bring me more of what I desire and made me feel powerful instead of weak.

Let’s recap.

1) There are no secrets, be honest with yourself first. Release the hurt and pain you are carrying from your past.

You are emitting the vibration of what you are hiding and it’s not hidden at all, and you are most likely still attracting similar situations to you.

2) Forgive. You are infinite and good and nothing that has happened cannot be forgiven. You are divine. You are pure.

And it is not only okay, but imperative that you allow yourself to be forgiven and forgive those you feel have harmed you.

It will change your life, your health, and what you are sending out to the world. You are worthy of good things.

3) Forget and release the negative stories. Your words are powerful creators. To change your experience and what you get back, you have to change the input.

Start speaking about what you want, and never stop.

Speak in the positive, “Please keep your clothes in your closet or in the hamper”, not the negative, “Don’t leave your clothes on the floor.”

You are powerful. You can change your life experience. You can create the relationship you desire, but there is work to be done. Creation take effort, you cannot just sit there are wait for life to happen to you.

Forgiveness is powerful, until you forgive your past lovers, it will be hard to attract, and let in, a new relationship.

Forgive your current lovers too, you might be surprised at the changes that come about once you release them.

No one wants to be with someone who is bitter and still in hate. They can feel it.

This will not only change what you create in your experience, you will also feel better, lighter, more free, more alive, more vibrant.

love love love

ps… Please leave a comment, I would love to know your thoughts and please share experiences you have had with this, you would be surprised how much your input helps others.

How to Find Value in the Darkness

The darkness in life will inevitably come, it’s up to you how you use it.

In those dark hours of your life you have two choices. You can take the darkness and ask for its message, or you can take the darkness and waste it by feeling sorry for yourself and playing the victim. 

The darkness is your friend. The darkest hours of your life are your most trusted teachers. They will never lead you astray or tell you a false message. They will be blunt, they may cut to the core, but they will always tell you the truth if you are willing to ask questions and see the truth.

The truth is not always pretty. And the darker the hour, usually the harsher the truth coming forth. All the truth wants is to see the light of day. To be resolved in the truth and absolved in the light. The dark comes to remind you, to urge you. There is something you are not seeing, something you are not addressing. What is out of alignment in your life?

If you are willing to ask the question, you might be willing to see the answer.

Open your eyes and see. Open your heart and listen.

 What wants to come forth thru you? What wants to be freed by being seen? Some times all that is needed is acknowledgement; all that is needed is to just shine some light into the darkness. By asking the question you turn on the light.

Darkness cannot be where light is.


Love Love Love


Cleansing to Clear Your Mind, Body and Consciousness

Not sure what it is about the month of February, but for the past 4 years I have done a major cleanse during this month. Perhaps for even longer than 4 years, but I can’t honestly recall beyond that. Well, this year is no different.

I was even able to get my kids off sugar with me for the month… though I did have to incentivize my son a bit (you know, money is a great motivator, no matter the age, I’ve come to find).

So, we are all going off sugar for the month of February, and I am also starting a Mini Beet Protocol Cleanse. There are many health benefits but apparently it can be intense. I don’t think it could possibly be more intense than 5 days of colonics/colon hydro therapy, twice a day, with only juice in between—which is what I have done for the last 2 years. I have also done a Candida Cleanse that was less intense, but lots of work, and long in duration.

Why do I cleanse? I do it to feel good, be healthy, and to turn back the clock. Your body is always working. Most of the energy your body uses is to digest and break down all the food you put into it. And if you just put in moderate amounts of really good food into it, it will work hard enough, but if you are like most people, you put in way more food than you need that is not all that healthy. I am very health conscious and I know even I fall into this later category at times.

When you cleanse and are not eating foods regularly, especially if you are doing a fast or a juice fast, your body does not have to digest food and will instead use its energy to repair the body.

There are many different versions of fasting, juicing and cleansing, and I urge you to do your homework and be cautious. You need to be in-the-know about this stuff. If you are not and just jump into something without easing in, then easing out and what you are ACTUALLY supposed to be doing on the cleanse, you can cause yourself harm. I’m not telling you this to scare you, I’m telling you this to be conscious and informed.

I’m assuming if you are reading this, you are somewhat conscious and that is the very reason to cleanse. When you cleanse the toxins out of your body, you allow spirit and source to be heard more clearly. When you eliminate all the crap blocking your true inspiration and inner voice, your life, mind, spirit becomes just as clear as your body. This is one of the many reasons I do it.

As I started doing these cleanses, I was alarmed at just how sensitive and receptive the body really is. Doing a Colon Cleanse/hydro-colon therapy is serious business. Usually if you do either of those, you should go to a clinic. I just happen to have parents who owned a clinic that I assisted at and I grew up seeing them do crazy stuff like this all the time. So, my parents just so happen to have all the equipment.

When you are eating junk all the time, eating too much, and not giving your body a chance to rest and recharge, you don’t realize the body’s receptiveness because it is too bogged down with trying to keep up with digestion and survival. But after only a day on a cleanse, you can start to notice your body in a new way. You start to notice the way your body reacts to different supplements taken, and I can tell you if you are not conscious you might just end up doubled over on your bed.

Once again, I am not telling you this to scare you. I am telling you this to help you become more informed. For instance, who knew beet root juice was so powerful a medicine that, when taken in large dosages over time, it can actually turn grey hair back to color (this is the Major Beet Protocol). That’s if you can endure the cleanse, I hear… on the flip side, drinking straight beet juice is so powerful that if not taken in the right dosage with the right protocol can upset your stomach to the extent that you can’t get up from the pain. I’m talking just plain old beet you can get in the produce department.

Our food is our medicine. I have never liked taking medicine, even as a child. Luckily, my dad was a pharmacist and a homeopath so I had the luxury of growing up knowing that nature has the answers, not pharmaceuticals.

If this is a new concept to you, please research further. Cleanses save peoples lives. Cleanses cure cancer more times than not. Cleanses make your head clear, and your body light and vitalized. The more you do them, the more in tune with your body you become. The more you know when it’s time to do another cleanse.

Here is a list of cleanses to research and look into if you feel this is something you desire in life. But please do your homework. Also know, cleanses are not diets, and you CAN’T cheat!! If you are going to cheat on them just wait until you are ready to have some will power.

The first real cleanse I ever did was the Master Cleanse. This is most likely the most common one because it’s really simple and you only drink a lemonade juice blend for 5-10 days straight, no food at all. The major thing I noticed besides the clarity and toxin loss, as I WAS ADDICTED TO FOOD!!

I realized I ate out of habit, not out of hunger. I would get home from work and the first thing I did was open the fridge. Now, on the Master Cleanse, even though you are eating no solid food, you are not hungry because of the high calorie intake. The hardest part was not, not eating because I was hungry, but because I just wanted to eat to eat.

Know that the first cleanse is likely the toughest, not because of the physical aspects, but because of the mental mind game that will be raging war in your head for the duration of the cleanse. The more you do them, the easier they get, but it always seems to be a mental challenge.

I think of it as a mental workout. I get to strengthen my mind and will power as much as my body.

The no sugar thing that I have been doing since I was a kid is no big deal now. I will still crave it or want it but the urge to actually indulge is weak.

If you are starting cleanses or considering them, here are some of the most important cleanses to look into. You can look all these up on the internet and find wonderful resources. I will put down just a few of the ones I have tried personally.

  1. Even just going off sugar for a month is a wonderful thing to do and you WILL feel and see the difference. You will also feel the mental challenge. Sugar is particularly tricky because your body is actually addicted to it, so there will be a harsh 3-4 day period where you want to crawl out of your skin most likely, and the more you like or crave sugar the worse this will be.
  2. Colon cleanses are probably the most important types of cleanses. When your intestines are all plugged up your body cannot absorb nutrients, even if you are eating well. Also, you are keeping all those toxins in your body that seep through into your blood stream. This is the main cause of gluten intolerance. Clearing the colon saves lives. The easiest colon cleanses to try first are ones where you still eat but supplement with products. Dr. Natura is a wonderful one I did that is also reasonably priced.
  3. The Master Cleanse is a great way to release toxins in the body. People will use it for weight loss but, if you do, you need to eat well after because you will gain the weight back otherwise. It’s not really for weight loss but that is one side benefit. Once I did it just to loose a few pounds and it did not work, so, if you are going to do it, do it cause you want to cleanse.
  4. Juice cleanses, there are many different ones. I would buy a book or go to Barnes & Noble to see what resonates with you. If you are new to this, watch the movie ‘Fat, Sick, And Nearly Dead,’ a super good and informative film that will inspire you and show you how easy it is.Link here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9SGWcZwk7c
  5. Like I said, I am doing the Mini Beet Protocol that I learned from a friend of mine in the Raw Food community here in Salt Lake City. The health benefits reported are reversing the negative effects of fluoridation, eliminates mold and fungus in the body, even under toenails where it has been for 20-30 years in some people, eliminating face and neck fat, clears estrogen receptors and heavy metals out of the body, making it easy for the body to produce estrogen and receive it. Beets will restore your methyl levels back to decades earlier. Methyl groups are like a yardstick of how long you will live. Beets are amazing tissue rebuilders and DNA correctors too.
  6. Then there is the Candida cleanse. This is a tricky one and if you don’t do it for at least 2-3 months with NO CHEATING AT ALL, and have supplements to kill the excess yeast, the cleanse will not get it under control. Candida is yeast that is naturally in your stomach, but when you eat too much sugar, alcohol or carbs, these bacteria and yeasts over grow. In bad cases, it turns systemic, meaning the yeast moves to other parts of your body causing mental cloudiness, depression, fatigue, difficulty loosing weight, sugar cravings, bad breath, stomach bloating and pain, joint pain, vision problems, and a slew of other symptoms. Don’t be fooled, if you have never done this cleanse, your candida is probably out of whack, like most of society’s is. Here is a link to a list of symptoms: http://www.candidasupport.org/the-symptoms-of-candida/In my experience, I did a few of these candida cleanses and the one with the most lasting benefits was the one I did with Lee Beymer, along with his clearing and supplement program.
  7. Lastly, there are liver cleanses, kidney cleanses, gallbladder cleanses (please do a cleanse before you get your gallbladder removed), tissue cleanse, fat cell cleanse, fasting, water fasting, juice fasting, heavy metal cleanse, parasite cleanse… and the list goes on.

Cleansing is just a part of life for me now; its no big deal and I do them when I feel I need to. One year, I almost spent the whole year cleansing with breaks in between because that’s just what I felt my body needed. Tuning into your body is just as important as tuning into spirit; in fact, with a bogged down body, it makes it a lot harder to tune into spirit. All those toxins can and do block your intuition, and your spiritual receptiveness.

Do your homework, find a buddy if you need to, and start on a simple cleanse for even just a few days if that feels manageable to you. Even just doing something for 3 days, to start with, will have major benefits.

Be careful when you are on the internet. Everyone is going to want you to spend money to either get the info or sell you the products. I would not buy anything unless you have researched it extensively. Most cleanses only require the food and equipment to juice or blend that food. Supplements are involved a lot of times but please DO NOT buy any juice on the internet. The whole point with juicing is that it needs to be juiced and drank right away. Juicing is a great way to start cleansing. It’s easy and tasty, and all you need is a juicer and produce. Be sure to go organic.

Here is another movie that will get you started and show you the benefits and how truly easy it can be: http://www.justcleansing.com/list-of-cleanses.htm

Good luck on your health and vitality.

Love Love Love



P.S… Here are the links and resources that might help get you started on your journey:

Dr Natura – supplement this with a healthier diet, easy to start with – http://www.drnatura.com/?gclid=CMWV9szpsbwCFSdyQgodl0UAAw

Master cleanse (Lemonade Diet) –  http://mastercleanseinstructions.com/

Candida Info – http://www.candidasupport.org/, http://www.radianthealthcenter.net/about.htm

Juice cleansing – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9SGWcZwk7c

Love this movie! – http://www.justcleansing.com/list-of-cleanses.htm

The Power of Boundaries: The Day My Kids Turned Into Little Angels

is true. Literally one day my kids changed. It also happened to be the day I changed and stopped taking their sh*t and letting them violate my boundaries.

Let me explain a bit more. My kids have always been well behaved for the most part, but they are kids, and kids love to go as far as they can. When I got divorced, my son was 2 and my daughter 4. When that happened, I felt exposed and ‘out in the world,’ and not safely tucked away in my little home on the hill. I felt self-conscious reprimanding and disciplining my kids in public.

It was a strange feeling and I remember the cognition well. Over time, as I felt more comfortable in my skin as a single mother, that self-consciousness went away mostly, but I still had my mother and others close to me often telling me I needed to be more strict and firmer with the kids. I remember being told how they were playing me, or taking advantage of a situation, but I was a ‘nice mom,’ and I did not want to ‘over’ discipline or be too harsh.

But one day that all changed. I was going through a transition in my life. I was being more assertive and taking a stand for what I felt like never before. I had done this in many areas but now I was doing it in my personal relationships. 

One Sunday afternoon at my mom’s home, we were all sitting around and I asked my daughter to do something. She gave me some smart ass, do it yourself, answer and thought she was very funny. Now take into account, there were others present in the room. I asked her again and this time she was even more vagrantly rude.

Well, mamma didn’t want to play that game. I played it calm and asked her to please be respectful in her speech, firstly, and to please do as I asked. She made a cutting joke, (I think she was around 7 at the time) and that was enough. I took her to the back room and we had a ‘chat’. Let me be more clear. I physically dragged her to the back room as she called out for help because now she had the fear of God in her and she wanted to make a really big deal hoping that one of the others in the room would save her from her crazy mom.

She was stunned, and very taken aback. No one saved her but me that day. 

The next day her brother stepped out of line just a bit and I stood my ground firm, I gently asked him if he wanted a replay of the day before and he straightened right up. He had of course witnessed the happenings of the day before with his jaw on the ground probably thanking god it was not him back there.

From that moment on, my kids have been polite little angels. The only thing that changed was my boundaries and how firm I was in them. I did not change how I disciplined. I did not change anything except what I would and would not tolerate, and my consistency to follow through on an already established consequence. 

Boundaries are magic in all areas of your life. Literally my kids went from whining and complaining to do chores, not responding to me when I asked them things, making rude little comments here and there and being disrespectful, to being little angels who do their chores without a word (most days) and are sweet and respectful and nice to others too. They also now respect me.

The shift happened in an instant the moment I was willing to stand up for me, and what I would and would not allow, not only from them, but from others too.

This is how life works. Your whole world will change the day you decide to shift and take a stand for you consistently, in a loving and powerful way. What changed was my energy, I had firmed up these weak spots and was sure of myself and what was okay and not anymore.

I invite you to evaluate your life and your boundaries and see where you are putting up with more than you want to. Where are you giving too much with no return and, in turn, left with resentment? Where are you allowing others to disrespect you, take advantage of your goodness?

Being assertive and firm has nothing to do with being sweet or nice, but everything to do with not caring about what others think of you, and loving and valuing yourself at your core.

When your worth or value is tied up in others’ opinions of you, you will sell yourself short in hope of gaining their love and approval.

When you start to love and accept yourself despite others, you then reclaim your power and presence and those around you will feel it. They will respect you in a new way and either like you a whole lot more, or move out of your space because they were never good for you in the first place.

I now speak to my kids with a firm voice when I mean business and they know I do. My tone has changed. I am more direct and I do not tolerate their witty mind games, (yes, at 10 and 8 the kids are just getting better at them of course). I use their games to help me be clearer the next time around.

Children like boundaries it makes them feel safe. Guess what? You like boundaries too; they make you feel safe also.

No one else can make you feel safe if the safety within you is compromised. You have to first take a stand for you, and boundaries can help you do that. Boundaries are here to assist you and create a nice stable container in which to live and operate your life.

Healthy boundaries mean you know when to firm up or loosen up. Your boundaries are not ruled by fear but by the respect you have for yourself.  

If your boundaries are there because they are keeping you safe from your fears its time to do some work. Fear is just telling you this area needs some TLC.

Fear will keep you safe but rob you of pleasure and joy. Fear will also keep you captive and locked down in old, stale patterns.   

Whether you have children or not, boundaries are imperative to your being happy and healthy and the world taking you seriously.

You might feel like you have respect now, but when your boundaries are firm, your whole world will magically change before you in a very positive way.

What has been your experience with boundaries or the lack thereof?


Love Love Love



P.S. Do your boundaries need some work? Are you ready to stop letting others take advantage of, disrespect or mistreat you? Let me help you! Love yourself a little and text me now to talk 801-382-9020.

How to Honor Your Winters Within


Life is not always roses and sunshine, and sometimes your darkest hours are when your truth comes shining forth the clearest.

The darkness can show you what you do not want, and in that darkness shine the light on what you desire most.

I am a woman deeply connected to the earth. I always have been. As a young girl I would play in the garden with the fairies. I had my fairy tree I would play in for hours alone, and talk to them and play with then. Even at my grandparents house I recall, when the winds of storm would blow in, I would sneak outside and stretch my arms out wide and I would twirl in the wind like a free little butterfly in pure joy and bliss. I would play with the fairies in my grandparents rose garden and under the umbrella tree where they lived and be entertained for hours.

As a grown woman I have come to appreciate the earth in a different way and express my love and connection for mother earth differently, but the connection is ever real and strong.

As the end of the summer 2013 drew near I was dreading it in a way. I have not been enjoying the cold Utah winters like I used to. The cold got under my skin and chilled me to the bone and did not leave me until spring. By late summer I had made some major changes in my life. I was cleansing emotionally in many ways, many issues that I carried generationally. I was breaking heavy embedded cycles and changing things that were bigger than I even really knew. Needless to say, this was a heavy time, this was a winter in my life.

I knew as fall approached, that I too, was headed into an autumn of my own. I knew I was headed into a time of releasing, and preparing for the cold and darkness yet to come. I knew this was only the beginning of the journey and I committed to walking along with the seasons that year in a very real and tangible way.

I was willing to go into the darkest places, I was willing to go into the cold, I was willing to see what maybe before I was not ready to see, go places that would shake me, but fortify me.

This was not the first winter so to speak, but what was different this time was the awareness and consciousness I carried with me as I walked through this cold and windy time in my life.

Instead of dreading it, hating it, complaining about it and being miserable, I decided to ride out the hardships, feel the pain, confront the hurts and navigate through this is a way where I was in it feeling it, as well as using this as an opportunity to clarify what I really DO want in life and my relationships.

On the eve on the Solstice, the darkest day of the year, with the shortest day and the longest night, I went to a movie. I love the movie, but as it ended something happened to me. I started to feel things, I tried to push it down but the emotions were too strong. By the time I got home I was sobbing. Crying would not suffice a description. I was sobbing from deep within my being. I stumbled into my house, coat still on, boots still on, purse in my hand and collapsed on the floor of my living room. I sobbed and sobbed. How long I was there I do not know. But finally when I looked up to find something to soak up all the liquids expelled from my body I did not even know where I was. My house looked so different. I got up, wiped my nose and sobbed some more, lots more.

Finally it stopped. It was over. I had cried it out… what ever it was. I think it was everything. Everything that ever wanted to come out that I did not let before.

I felt at peace.

This was my darkest day.

The winter was still upon me, but the corner was rounded and things only got sunnier from that day on. There would still be blizzards and storms; there would still be bone-chilling nights but I was not afraid; for I knew in each of them a message lay waiting for me to come to, and warm by it’s flames of truth.

Often times you shun this dark times, you try to avoid it, you run from it, and deny you are in it like a scared little child running form the dark night.  When you do this you miss its gifts, you miss the light and clarity it has to offer you. When you allow yourself to fully feel the pain and loss and sadness or whatever comes with Your Winter, you also allow yourself to go within it and ask for its message.

What has led you to where you are today? Why are you here in the first place? What could you have done differently, and what can you do differently in the future?

The winters of your life are your biggest gifts. It’s up to you to use them as such, or to hate them and hide from them.

For me last winter I wanted to go into the depth of the darkness, to ask, to recognize, and to purge.  I know I never wanted to feel like was feeling again and knew things needed to change within me to allow myself the strength to never find myself in that same situation. I knew I needed to heal. I wanted to come out fresh and renewed in the spring.

Next time you find yourself in the winter of your life, or you might be in it right now,  I invite you to accept the cold and the darkness, I invite you to look at the situation with new eyes, and intead of hating it and shunning it to the side, embrace it and ask to sit by its fire.  When you do this I can guarantee the fires within will start raging, cleansing, melting away the impurities, and warming your heart in new ways.

By seeing and experiencing what you do not want, it opens your eyes and awareness to know what you do want. When you are in the dark, you know the light you would prefer, perhaps in a way that could not have happened other wise.

Last year the winter of my soul carried with me into the summer. Like I said I am connected to the earth and out of the blue I found myself celebrating the winter solstice on the other side of the world instead of the summer solstice in June 2014.  Although things had lightened up 100 fold in comparison, I was still not out of the dark. I found that very interesting.

But since then things have been lightening up more and more, I feel healed and ready for new fresh things in my life.  And as I feel it, new beautiful opportunities and loves have come streaming into my blessed life. I am in awe and gratitude for this journey I have been on, and I look forward to the summers to come where all is well and the sun is shining warm and bright and laughter and joy is all that can be heard and felt.

Honor your season, and cherish them all. All hold value and insight, its up to you to glean that insight or not.

Be warm.


Love Love Love



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Knowing The Difference Between Joy & Happiness: How This One Thing Can Change Your Life

25 June 2014

I feel so very, very, blessed right now. I have always felt blessed, but today my heart and soul is in a state of deep profound gratitude, joy and blessing. Radiating ever so subtly the deep joy I feel.
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Are Your Feelings Deceiving You?


What does it mean to follow you gut, your heart, your intuition, and the spirit?

I grew up in a religious home and was taught to make all decisions with the help of the spirit, or that still small voice I heard in my head. More practically, I would ask a question and then come up with a decision, if I felt good and peaceful, then that was the right choice, if I felt uneasy then that was not a good choice for me. Where I would feel the ease or dis-ease in my body was in my stomach.

Maybe you can relate, or maybe you have been making decisions from your head, logic and reasoning your whole life. The bigger the decision the more reasoning you draw upon, relying on that “Pro’s and Con’s” sheet of paper. Either way, your head is your guide.

The clearer I get the more I realize my feelings can deceive me.  AND MY HEAD IS GUARANTEED TO SELL ME SHORT.

Firstly, when you make all your decisions purely with logic you are using only your conscious, known knowledge; you are not drawing upon the 90% of true wisdom you hold in your body. Only 10% of your wisdom is accessed through your head, the other 90% is retrieved from the neck down. Your body holds most of your wisdom and truth.

Face it. You are not a rational being, I know this can be a shock to some of you who still think you are, but you are not.  So, why are you still trying to make decisions from a rational place? The sooner you face this fact the easier your life will be.

Accessing your knowledge from your body can be a little tricky when fear is in the picture.

Following our gut is good, but fear is also located in the stomach zone. Are your fears sending you false messages?

Fear is the killer that keeps you small. Fear is the killer that will keep you in a pseudo safe zone instead of letting you play with your full deck of cards.

It’s only when you overcome and deal with your fear that your feelings can truly serve you.

There is nothing wrong with making decisions from this fear place, it certainly keeps you safe; but if it’s living large and to your full potential you desire, fear has got to be dealt with first. Dealing with the fear makes room for your full truth to come forth.

Then only can you trust your gut to show you what is best for you.

It is proven that fear and excitement have the same physiological response in the body. When addressing the limiting beliefs that are at the root of the fears you start to feel excited instead of afraid when you think about taking a new big step in your life. You can now use this excitement to propel you forward instead of having the fear hold you back.

This is the quickest way to upscale and live a fuller bigger life, be it in love, business or turning your ideas into reality.


 I am here to face those fears with you, to slay the dragons in our mind or befriend them.  Life is to be lived, and lived large. What a joy it will be to look back on your life and say you played full out, your music was played all the way through.

It’s time to step up and take the action you know is inside of you. If a mediocre life is what you want, then keep down the path you are headed. If greatness is for you, it’s time to take a great step and make a great decision to claim that greatness.

It’s time to make life happen and not let life happen to you. Our fears can even block us from seeing what that next step is. Eliminate the fears and clear the path to the life you know you are to live.

Play big or go home!! The life you desire is just a decision away!!

Love Love Love

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Go With The Flow Of Life

Life can be so strange! You try to control it, and some of you are better at controlling it than others. But, even when you are in the drivers seat of your life, things still come out of nowhere, and often knock you off kilter.

How you survive and handle the unexpected is the true test of character.

The funny thing about us humans is, it does not matter if the change that hits you is positive or negative, it can still throw you off.

Often it may feel like you are paddling up steam with a fork in our hand, tying to make progress. When you feel this way, that’s probably exactly what you are doing.

You are fighting against a force you cannot compete with. The funny thing is, this force you are tying to fight is the very force you called into your life. You may not have requested the specific situation you feel burdened by, but you did request a situation to get to from where you are, to where you want to be.

Realize you created this in some way! You wanted to get to the next place in life, this usually originated as a feeling. That feeling was broadcast, and then brought you back the quickest means possible to get you what you wanted. This reminds me of the old adage, ‘Be careful what you ask for”.

Realize you are creating and manifesting so powerfully that you created this very overwhelming force in your life. It may feel unmanageable but you would not have requested something you could not get through.

When you see the situations that arise in your life in this manner, you not only take responsibility for your actions, but it also makes it easier to deal with whatever you feel life has dealt you.

You are strong, you are powerful and you can get though anything life has to through at you.

The amount of pressure and encumbrance you feel from any situation is directly correlated to the amount of energy you are giving it.

You are in control of your life. If your lover leaves you, maybe you wanted more space to explore yourself, maybe you were seeking the opportunity to work through your dependent and needy pulls that were not healthy. Maybe it’s strength and fortitude you seek, and this is the perfect situation to practice on.

When life hits… ask, “What am I seeking to get from this? What am I wanting to experience to cause someone or something to show up this way? What was I seeking, to bring this into my life. Am I learning my lesson or am I going to have to go through this all again?”

It can be hard to separate the emotion from the situation, but staying in the question is a good to start. Keep seeking, asking, and the truth will set you free. Once you know your answer you can go to work on overcoming the hit. Action will relieve the stress. You can start in a new direction, with purpose and clarity. Action gets your mind off of the hurt, anger and all the other emotions clouding our vision and starts you down a new path.


Good luck on your deliciously bumpy journey through life.


You are so powerful! Look around you at your life and the situations you create. This is creative manifestation. The more conscious you become of what you want, the easier creation will be, and you will start creating in a much friendlier way. But sometimes friendly is not what your soul seeks. You want fire, you want heat to burn the demons out of you so to speak.

Go with the flow of life, and what is dealt to you, and things will be easier. Relax and surrender into you life. Stop trying to control it and notice what you really wanted by being in the middle of it it all. Stay in the question, the truth will set you free… and then just enjoy the ride.

As my dear friend said to me, “Why do you want life to be easy?” Instead, find the ease in the difficulties you get to work through.

Life is a journey with hills and valleys and each has it’s value. Cherish all your human experience has to offer you. Go with the flow and you will taste the sweetness in the sourness of life.


Love love love… always and forever!!


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The Defining Moment

I was pondering today as I often do, and started thinking of the creation process. This is what I came up with.
YOU become the magician of your life, seemingly making something out of nothing.


You realize everything is just energy, and through molding that energy you become the craftsmen of your destiny, creator of your everything.

You do this everyday and with everything. The more aware you become of your power in the process the more you step into the drivers seat and start steering the car of your own life.

Just a little food for thought.

Love love love


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