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The Difference Between “True Like” and “True Love”

I love getting questions from readers. Todays question is; What is the difference between “true like” and “true love”. Answer: Putting the true in front of it is a whole other question. So let’s start with the difference between like and love. People often think of love as romantic, and there should be criteria for love […]

“The Longing Soul” ~ A Poem

Can you relate? Have you ever felt this? “My soul is aching for something. Longing for something more. I can’t place a finger on what it is, but it’s there, ever present ever nagging. It’s an emptiness, a void, a black hole of wanting. Wanting something more, wanting something deep and complete. My soul aches […]

Using Your Sexual Energy for More than Just the bedroom

Sexuality is such a touchy subject for some. Something not spoken about in public, and sometimes not even spoken about with the person you are sexually engaged with. Yes, this is a problem. But, even if you are very comfortable with your sexuality, are you utilizing this potent and powerful energy in other areas of […]