What is Love?

As a consultant of love I often get asked the question “What do you do?  What are you all about?”. Well, here it is. I am a Love consultant and guide. One thing I have come to realize since this journey began, is that most people don’t truly know what the word love means. I […]

Open Up to More Dating Possibilities and Opportunities… aka get more dates!!

I recently signed up for a dating site and have been perusing the offerings.  Besides being heartily entertained by reading profiles, and more grateful than ever for the man I have, I noticed something.  I have come across this same theme in my coaching too. A lot of people are looking for someone just like […]

Making Relationships Work and Last In Our Modern World

It’s such a beautiful thing when you see a couple who have been together for many years still fully devoted to one another. I’m not talking about the ‘devotion’ of, “we have been together so long I could not live without you, and I depend on you for everything.” No, I’m taking about the devotion […]

The Defining Moment

I was pondering today as I often do, and started thinking of the creation process. This is what I came up with. YOU become the magician of your life, seemingly making something out of nothing.   You realize everything is just energy, and through molding that energy you become the craftsmen of your destiny, creator […]

Romance is a Verb… what this really means!

Before you get scared off by this word maybe it’s time to see what it actually means. The word romance comes from medieval times where stories were narrated to the king. It was a medieval tale based on legend, chivalric love and adventure, usually involving some mystery or the supernatural. Wow!! Wouldn’t it be nice […]