A New Way To See Valentines Day… and totally revolutionize your relationship all year long.

  Valentines day. You either love it or hate it. And this depends a lot on your relationships status. Even if you do have someone, you might hate it because of the obligation to do something “romantic” or “do anything at all” on this day. For all you haters, I can relate to the resistance at […]

Using Your Sexual Energy for More than Just the bedroom

Sexuality is such a touchy subject for some. Something not spoken about in public, and sometimes not even spoken about with the person you are sexually engaged with. Yes, this is a problem. But, even if you are very comfortable with your sexuality, are you utilizing this potent and powerful energy in other areas of […]

Are you afraid of your sexuality? Is this holding you back in your relationships and other areas of life?

Sex. Sexuality. Your sexual power. What do these words make you feel? Uncomfortable? Shame? Excitement? Sex, sexuality, and all things related have such a shroud over them, even in this day and age where people are more open than ever. It’s the notion that, if you are a good upstanding woman, honest clean and wholesome, […]

The Unglamorous Truth About Love You Will Most Likely Glaze Over… but it’s the very thing keeping you from the love you desire.

As a love consultant people often assume I do and say things because of all my “luck” with love. They see me, and hear me, and often assume it must be easy for me. They tell me I am not like them, and thus I cannot possibly relate to what they are going through and […]

Expectations Kill Relationships: A Healthier Alternative

You know expectations suck.  You don’t like them put on you. And, I know it’s hard not to project your expectations onto someone else when you know what you want. So, here is the alternative. What if you can look at each experience with someone as a complete experience, nothing more and nothing less. Just […]

Conscious Dating Discussion with Brandon Boucher

A discussion on dating, how to get the girl, what he did before he even met her, the balance and dance between the divine masculine and feminine, and the difference between what Partnership is vs. Relationship. ♥ Brandon listened to an interview I conducted a few months ago with Drew Gerald on Conscious Dating, after applying […]

My Fave Articles Of The Week – 30 March 2015

As usual, I like to add an article for each main focus area to make this as relevant as possible for a broad range of people discussing topics on the self, dating, partnerships, sex, and marriage. And the theme for this week is…..Expectations. Expectations ruin relationships, even the one with YOURSELF. Allow me to list a few […]

My Top 5 Favorite Article of the Week

I like to post my top five articles I’ve come across the past week, here they are.   1) Don’t Text While Parenting – It will make you cranky I fall into this trap. I’m on my phone sometimes even when my kids are talking to me. I noticed the ill effects when my 8-year-old […]

How to Find Value in the Darkness

The darkness in life will inevitably come, it’s up to you how you use it. In those dark hours of your life you have two choices. You can take the darkness and ask for its message, or you can take the darkness and waste it by feeling sorry for yourself and playing the victim.  The […]

Cleansing to Clear Your Mind, Body and Consciousness

Not sure what it is about the month of February, but for the past 4 years I have done a major cleanse during this month. Perhaps for even longer than 4 years, but I can’t honestly recall beyond that. Well, this year is no different. I was even able to get my kids off sugar […]