How To Be A Master Of Love – LoveExpanded Challenge Day 2

How to be a master of love? I have asked this question for 10 years now and have been studying, interviewing, researching and living from love as much as possible. My goal this year was to expand my love, and even though I focused on it this challenge makes it REAL yo! This is day 2 of the love expanded […]

How To Love Myself Again – LoveExpanded Challenge Day 1

How to love myself again after surgery and not feeling so great. This is the first day of my LoveExpanded Challenge. It’s easy to love myself when everything is going well, but a lot harder to love myself again when life hits full force. But, when life hits, this is the very time to love myself […]

Harvard Study On What Actually Makes Us Most Happy & Healthy

When it comes down to it, being more connected and having someone in your life you know you can count on, not only creates more happiness now in your life, but also predicts how healthy you will be in old age. Here are some highlights from this study that tracks 724 men over 75 years. […]

Do You Believe You Have “To Do” To Be Loved?

Do you have a belief that to be loved, or lovable, you have to prove yourself? And you prove yourself by DOING? You “DO” all day long, you serve, you give, but not because you want to, but because you feel this is what you “HAVE” to do in order to be loved or even be […]

The Difference Between “True Like” and “True Love”

I love getting questions from readers. Todays question is; What is the difference between “true like” and “true love”. Answer: Putting the true in front of it is a whole other question. So let’s start with the difference between like and love. People often think of love as romantic, and there should be criteria for love […]

10 Fundamental Keys to A Successful Long Term Marriage/Partnership

There are many reasons people get married, and falling in love with someone is only one. Others get married to not be alone, for convenience, for citizenship, for land ownership in foreign countries, for children, for money, and everything in between. But if you truly want to have a fulfilling relationship where both partners are […]

Forgiveness – 3 Steps to Release the Past and Get the Relationship You Desire

Forgiveness is Key to releasing the old and letting the new in.    If you find yourself in the same situation, different face, this might just be your golden ticket off the train and onto getting what you truly desire. Find more peace, lighten up, and feel better now. love love love Salenta

Feel More Safe With Better Boundaries…

I write for other magazines too…  this article is published @ Start reading here and find the rest at the link. “Until you feel safe within, nothing outside will feel safe and secure. He or she might promise you the world, and even deliver, but you will still feel insecure and want more, their […]

3 Powerful Steps to Forgive the Past, and Create The Relationships You Desire.

When you hold onto the past, it is difficult to create a new reality or get different results. This relates to relationships as well as to anything. All this talk of creating the life you desire. This is different from attracting the life you desire, something you hear thrown around a lot. Let me clarify, […]

“The Longing Soul” ~ A Poem

Can you relate? Have you ever felt this? “My soul is aching for something. Longing for something more. I can’t place a finger on what it is, but it’s there, ever present ever nagging. It’s an emptiness, a void, a black hole of wanting. Wanting something more, wanting something deep and complete. My soul aches […]