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  • Divine Feminine

    Divine Feminine

    EMBODY THE FEMININE- Open to your Magnetic Presence, getting all you desire in love, business and life.Many people talk about the feminine, but what does this mean for everyday life?
    BE IN YOUR BODY and adore every inch of it. Be POWERFULLY CONNECTED to your sensuality and sexuality and so COMFORTABLE IN WHO YOU are that you open to your MAGNETIC PRESENCE, getting all you desire in love, business and life.

  • Sexuality


    BUILD PASSION, CONNECTION & INTIMACY. Renew your love by prioritizing your intimate and erotic life. Merge passion with spirituality. Go deeper.
    EXPAND YOUR SEXUAL PRACTICE - Add playfulness, and exploration, enhancing communication, building confidence, and cultivating personal power in yourself and your union. Learn to channel this creative energy into your business, money, and love.

    Relating Programs

  • Conscious Relating

    Conscious Relating

    CONSCIOUS RELATING - Bring authentic honesty and efficient communication to create a union that lasts without the limitations of outdated paradigms.
    CREATE AND CUSTOMIZE a union that works.Identify and clear limiting patterns, beliefs and past wounds keeping you stuck in toxic situations. Opening to healthy relating techniques and mindsets.

    Relating Programs

    • Pre-Marital Consulting
    • Realigning Relationships
    • Break-Up Recovery

Salenta Fox Consulting

Most people have never heard of a love consultant. Surprising, given that giving, receiving, and feeling love is such a critical part of the human experience. So, let’s clarify: love consulting aligns you to your authentic self, connects you to your body, and activates the love and passion inside of you to helps you reach your full potential, feel your power, and direct the life you desire. This will require some learning, some unlearning, some practice, and some healing. It’s a process. And it’s powerful.

Love Consulting Is Not:

Match Making

Love consulting is a change from within. You being the person you would like to attract. Yes, there is work involved, but it’s fun, rewarding, and the results are certain.

Manipulation Tricks

Opening to your power and exuding feminine essence and presence authentically, you won’t need tricks, the world will feel you and give you the respect and things you desire naturally and effortlessly.

Simple Entertainment

Love consulting is reserved for those committed to making a lasting change in their life and relationships.

Yes, I'm Ready!


Whether you’re looking for love, feminine presence, passion or life success, this work will enrich your personal relationships and life!

  • Passion Based Retreats
  • The Art of Authentic Seduction
  • Expand Your Sexual Practice (couples)
  • Healing From Divorce
  • Divine Feminine
  • Expand Your Love (FREE)



Love is the key to getting all you desire in this world.

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  • Ingrid


    “Salenta uncovered things I was not even aware of. This was an amazing ah ha moment and right through the session I felt myself shifting and looking at things differently. Salenta gave me a few pages with exercises to do daily. I have never felt this free and excited to be authentically who I am. What a gift!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!”

  • Sean


    “You have opened my mind. I thought I knew. For the first time I realize there is no other half. There are two wholes coming together as one in unity. Mind Blowing! This changes everything.”

  • Kristina


    “Salenta Fox is truly an amazing woman and I am so grateful to be mentored by her. I am currently taking the Foundational Feminine course and already in the time that we have shared together I have learned so much. Combined with wisdom, love, and a whole lot of knowledge, I feel she communicates in a playful easy-going way. The Quantum Emotional Clearing that we do is powerful and life changing!"